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Day 2: 60-day CrossFit Challenge

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Day 2: 60-day CrossFit Challenge

My 60-day CrossFit Challenge

I want to get into the challenge but first let me make a key point about nutrition. When I was in school we were taught 70% nutrition, 30% Fitness… It has changed to whichever gym you go to it can be 70/30, 80/20, 90/10.

Now I am not going to sit on my soap box and hound you the reader about nutrition like I do my clients. But in this challenge if I want to feel my best and see results I am going to cut out the processed foods and anything that doesn’t come natural. I would challenge you to do the same if you find this journey interesting and want to do your own challenge, or follow me in internet land. Just take away the processed foods for 2 months and see your body change. (Step off the box).

So, no processed foods, should be hard, but fun at the same time, because it is all about creativity.

Now back to CrossFit Challenge…. Ok starting stats that should have been the last post:

  • Weight 175
  • BF% 11 percent
  • Biceps – 25 inches ha-ha just kidding, no need to measure the ceps.
  • We will see at the end if change does occur.

CrossFit Workout Time:

Okay today was a strength day 5x5 of Squats and Weighted Pull-ups…. Felt good to lift heavy. Got to have days like these to let out frustrations occasionally. Tomorrow will push my cardio and work capacity, I am dreading it but I know if you are able to do this workout I can too, it’s about eating healthy food to give me energy and motivation. Can’t wait to tell you the story that motivates me everyday tomorrow!

Work Hard,
Casey Crowell
Director of Sports Performance/Owner
Idaho Fitness Academy

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